2016. április 16., szombat



Do you understand what the idiotic government does to you?

Some example from here and there:
Gay marriage:
Relationship in between gays always starts with violence. This violence could be family violence or violence at clubs or influence of alcohol and drug and forceful sexual intercourse. This violence must not be supported anywhere.
You Citizen against your own will you accepted that obama like politicians, against your will, against the nation's will these violent outrages people are free to do your family members, friends anybody.
And the violent part is just the beginning, the problems with friends etc; disrespection, separation , family tragedy etc that bring the gays to your nation.
You have to protest against it, to protect your nation. You have to remove these politicians from the governments. You have to develop a system that doesnt allow drugged alcoholic idiots to become politicians.

Free Drug usage, (who else than obama?) - Its sounds now that I am racist isnst it? Well maybe the negroids have to have education instead of doing the laws. You have to protect the government from such elements. You see the elections now? Ted Cruz, look at this face and gestures. This guy doesnt even feels that taste of the alcohol anymore.
Protest and vote against them or what you will that you child will have much less education and much less lifespan to live. 
So obama brought the drug law that marihuana can be used. So now a new wave of insanity is about to hit usa. Just see how education level drops in those towns where the marihuana sells. 
Not to mention that because of similar things the iq level already dropped more than 20 points... So what will be the future of the usa? 
How low that education that accepts that people are flying capable, and the sun is orbiting around our planet the earth.
So what else it brings? It makes crime, maffia and corruption strong again... They were crying because of helpless fight that maintained the balance in between the crime and law. Now that is gone again...

So always think it through, what is it, what elements it have and what it will bring what will happen. Then you know it. Even though we are all tried of them, we all have to go agains them to protect the huma race from them. The corrupt, mentally ill, religious extremist terrorists: the politicians. 
These always bring birth to such organisations like Isis, or Church with unbelievable number of pedofils etc. And they are free to go off course.
Its not even constitutional to bring children to religion, at the age of before 24. Poor citizen doesnt even recognises what is religion, how great threat it bring to you. Praying to your own brain (to the image that him exists in you and everywhere else, develops the misinterpretation and relations to imagined beings, ideologies)

Why is that these politicians are only pretend to care about eduction and health care. Why? 
Because educations is against them. Educated people are always seeing through. Not to mention that all of these politicians Hate the nation. That nation who is threatening them because of their own agenda, their actions. They always looking at them, they always want to know more and more about them. These always suspicious about them. These all packs up nicely and makes them want to fuck you!

They bring only devistation to the nation. Do not allow this citizen.
Form schools and universities specially developed for politicians. Alcoholic, drug lovers etc they all must be always away from the politics.

Anyways how is that possible that an idota who enjoys threat against their own health? Oh wait, soon they will prove that you better drink more because you will live long, and they get rich by doing so.

The list of the threats politicians bring to nations are very very long, but you still have to fight. Bring them to justice, publicity and protest against them, OR THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR NATION, EDUCATION AND CULTURE.

This is the only thing an undereducated idota who spent the university times alcoholic and drugged can do.

2016. április 10., vasárnap


Its been long time I wrote about psychology.

These images in my mind.

Human race doesn't go forward because our leaders are so outdated in technology intelligence and progress restoring healthy life.

I think this is the reason why religion enslaves us.
We need new leaders and no religion but equality.

Life for our leaders means, fuck, eat, make love and these in some variations and they are fine with That.

Life is much much more. And where is the proof for this? Life needs health care and care about intellect, schools and not just fuck and alcohol at the time of the study.

This cannot change until you people stand up and pushes them off or onto the right track. If our old leaders resign, there will be no war or threat of war.

Damn, so hard to fight for human rights!