2016. január 19., kedd

AIR - VACUUM motor

The official website of the air-vacuum motor started. After so many years of development (23 years ) and many different devices that did not provide enough power or were not sufficient enough, the air-vacuum motor found its way to the release. More than 3 years of development behind the air-vacuum motor.

Day and night fighting for extra newton meters, verify the results, adjusting etc.
But its done. The formula is ready.

I know this brings up serious questions about oil and the connected business. I want you not to worry about it. Politicians like President Obama, or Viktor Orban are all supporting the change and transition which would anyway lead to this point. It had to be done. Within few years the power plants cars etc will be all changed.

An other thought on this that ease the transformation is that the generators can be kept only replace the driving mechanism and there you go you upgraded your power generating system.
This replace includes for water, nuclear, wind generators.

Solar will be no more, sorry...
Well in space its ok.

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