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Psychological Warfare in the 20-21st century

Religions and mental techniques as a "self control systems" or insanity?

What is religion? Religion is a system where it explains and convince the individual that there is a supreme leader and that leader is the true controller of your existence, life. To this supreme leader the individual develops some relation. This relation can be intellectual or emotional.

The problem is that developing relations to non real things causes remapping. What is remapping? Everybody have relations, likes to things. These likes and relations can be shifted by changes in life.
For example a divorce can cause major remapping. Religion does the same. Why? Because it brings abstract values (leader) and relations, likes, even love to the individual. The love to wife, the love of the mathematics, the love of other people's life - value - changed. Everything shifted to a new perspective. Is it a self control?

Many religion very undervalues human life. Some says that your now is the result of your past action in your previous life, others says now is valued in terms of relation to leader. Is it a self control?

What does this do? It moves off people from reality, towards extremism and overwhelmness. The remapping could be so strong that people actually becoming seriously ill, mentally and physically.  Is it a self control or insanity?

Why would people do that? Remaining in the field of reason, there is only one way: They want to harm with it. Remapping influences every field of life, practically all fields of life suffers from it. Those people who are religious they tend to do more crimes, they tend to get overwhelmed more easily. Just see the news there are almost every day some major crime committed by a priest or a religious extremist. Remapping as observed is quite often unnecessary enthusiasm or extremism, this is what causing the problems. Split of the self, self injection, accumulation. stuck, war, all kinds of mental illnesses etc sprouts from this.

Now everybody know what it is. So why people do that?

Poor mans weapon/living: spiritual techniques.

As understood remapping causes mental illness, so what the spiritual techniques do?

They do even worse. Many of the spiritual techniques use religion as a base and combining it with self-hypnotic techniques and states. Like transcendental meditation. Allow me to use this example because its states that it is not a religion while it is entirely based on hindu religion. Those who spread this technique they are so remapped, so far away from respecting humanity in the name of humanity that they lie to people about what they learn, practice, they brake their basic human rights including constitutional rights. They poison them with ayurvedic medicines contains very high level metals, etc, they send them quickly into various mental dependencies like anxiety, extreme worry, etc.

Who and why would this to others? Maybe I should ask first who can do this? Only heavily conditioned, remapped humanoid looking things. They are the 20-21st century state of the art terrorists, and their assets. They are not using weapons, they using mental techniques like TM to destroy the enemy.

What will the enemy get? Mental problems, chaos, dna problems, cancer, killing, mental degradation. What the terrorists get? They get your money… They get your trust, they get your life…

Check out the reality of those who are practicing any of these mental techniques. Let me add, deeksha, theta healing, brain control, dream control etc to the long list of harmful mental techniques developed by religious extremists or simply insanes!

Please don't give them your life!

Thank you!

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