2015. augusztus 5., szerda


Transcendental meditation, deeksha, theta healing, dream control, brain control etc all of these are the tools to destroy your personality your education your capabilities.

All trough bringing the individual to its sensors and sense, and change them in the name of god's will, spiritual master will, karma, even business etc.

As the senses misfunction because of the techniques that holds them or makes them loose will cause mental problems. These mental problems further misinterpreted by the instructions of the "highly trained" trainers. The image what unlucky follower develops about the world is completely mismapped. Why what is completeley gone. Mental degradation takes place.

It is a weapon, like deploy and forget, and in few decades it will destroy civilization. Education is gone, behaviour is out of control. Pornography violence rules. All signs of education are gone.

Congratulation for All Intelligence office and mental terrorist organizations because both needed to put an end to human life and value.

This it man. This is their play , this is what they want for you.

And dont forget after such level of deployment of series of psychological weapon, you can expect india, russia, and possibly china's united forces overrunning you.

The china's current prime minister would not go into a world war, but a termination of him by US probably initiate a war.

This will happen soon, because the constellation seems to be favourable. An extremely conditioned Indian prime minister modi, supported into office by terrorist, with the largest army behind him, plus a russian insane: Putin, who can do a world scale war as well.

But how to make Putin religious?

No need the religion because it is now hidden in you coupled with self hypnosis based mental techniques, without you knowing.
The risky parts are tought in o-language, or even not understandable forms.
This is it.

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