2015. október 27., kedd


What is a soul?
Soul is a mind or conscioussness, the way you feel generally in your life, including your tendencies like strenght to oppose to negative things, problem solving, will power etc.

What religion does?
It destroys and enslaves your soul, by implementing madness into your mind, madness that result in psychological responses leads to physiological responses results in psychological illnesses. Anxiety, hallucinations, anger attack, overwhelming emotions, extreme sadness, unfulfilled life etc.

Why they do that?
They do this today to eliminate opposition, to eliminate intellect, to eliminate the enemy nation and slave their own nation to follow commands without questioning it. To do whatever they want to do with you.

What is the future of religion?
Hopefully speaking, religion will not be allowed.
In reality: Like in transcendental meditation, they will convert you and force you without your own approval to religion like in TM to HINDU.
Religious war, like with Islam. Extreme use of the religious communities by politicians, like victor orban addressing (commanding) religion and religious communities to hate and take action against others.

What we can do?
Tell others their lies, how the live, they lie about god, the way it acts etc, and tell how many pedophiles and insane are in religion. Tell about killings tell about the past, tell about their insane capabilities and threat to the society. Tell about their poisoning medicines.

Thank you

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