2015. november 13., péntek


If you practice transcendental meditation you will be conditioned.
How is it differs from general education that some people defines "conditioning" as well.

In education the knowledge defines the way you express yourself, but you have your own opinion about it (about the knowledge), you decide it how you use it , "your self" is judging and keeping the information colored. "Its dumb, its clever, its ok" etc.

If you practice transcendental meditation this is not going to happen... You will be listening to the teaching and completely taking it in without your self being able to evaluate it properly. The way TM ers use it also tells that they are being conditioned. Why? Because they are not really able to utilize it, only "one directionally" repeat it.
Powerful regression happens if  somebody manages to deviate TMers from that direction, or somebody forces them to think it through.

Not to mention that the TMers's skin is active therefore further degrading the mental capabilities including intellect.
The guru used to say "intellect is the enemy", so the intellect is dead because of the mental state TM technique develops. If TMers doing analysis on TM makes the guru say: "the intellect is the enemy, meditate more and you will not need to ask to many questions about it". Its so true that
when TM in effect they dont care anymore about themselves, and the subject gets garbaged... so this is how they "killed" you.

Understand people please that TM is not a toy, its really a weapon, to target mental degradation for the society. This is how Indian religious extremist do. TM movement is one the most dangerous and threatening mental terrorist organization.

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