2015. december 23., szerda


Mimic everything developing the base code through the little one express. This is the code the little one uses to express...
Going to school learning and forming to the standard of the society without thought to think it through.
First school, second school if you are not careful you have only a jerk around.
University? Are you kidding?
Whats next dear world, or should I put it this way; insane religious scientist who states that there are wormholes, or countless different particles that forms the nucleus, and they do mean it...
theoretical insanes all of them, while the world keep collapsing.
This is what happened to the little kid.

Porno, sexual slavery,violence rules in the business.
No basic human rights, no valid education.
The list is just as long as the path to the moon.
What will be the end?
The complete destruction of good human values!

Do not let the world destroyed by these. Do fight to put them off!

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