2015. augusztus 31., hétfő


In the is extremely dumb world I have to write it out that we will be attacked by the religious extremist india "when the sun rises"...

What does the "sun rises" means? A special day in the vedic calendar? Or when everybody or sufficient number of people would be converted hindu terrorist by combined self-hypnotic and religious methods, or something else, like modi will be the president and the maharaja at the same time?

These converted hindu RATs are already in the USA key positions, like General, nuclear weapon controller. healthcare, goverment etc. The pose the biggest threat ever to the united states by carring an other self in their brain that self can activate any time and by reverse activating pain, touch or other senses or responses they can controll the life of the united states citizen!

What a shame to them, What a shame to them!

The terrorist india, planned to attack us since 1950 when finally the british empire left india. The gnome (maharishi) and deeksha and thetha healing and many other terrorist mostly called gurus left india to spread the mental weapon to the societies of the enemy in order to take controll them, and later overrun them and kill us all.

How dumb they are thinking that they will have good positions in that slavery they imagine us!

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