2015. augusztus 31., hétfő

IS Narendra Modi A TERRORIST? WHY?

Yes Modi is a terrorist.

Because he is hindu, and he is practicing the incredible threatening transcendental meditation, the deep conditioning method of hindu systems.
Those who practice it, they will be not anymore normal and healthy human beings. They are forced to follow orders if they are not then incredible pain, memory loss, secondary self takes control . He have strong connection to the RSS terrorist organization, and also to the worm (Girish Varma, the raper).

This terrorist organization plans conditioning as many Indians as possible with the TM system so that they will be a thinkless robots who will do whatever they say. If they don't do, they will have incredible pain for example at the tail bone, or hip bone, maybe head or chest as well... They called it shrink. The skin is strongly activated and motion, burning sensed on it.

He have in his min, internally a god like ruler (a distorted self like in multiple self disease), a supreme being implemented into his mind, that is capable to take over him, and give commands to him in the name of hindu religion and in the name of hindu payback.
He is incapable to deviate from the plan the TM movement terrorist implemented into his mind. If he would try to the pain what he gets by reverse activated senses (skin activation etc), (pain, sense loss, touch) would be so great that he might suicide or die in 1-2 days.
He is pretty much the world most dangerous person...

To prove this you only have to look up some police cases and psychological reports on TMers.

Here are some other RATs who have been confirmed to have the same state. All rajas of the TM movement and most of the TM trainers. Find their websites and the list of the names to contact them, tell them what TM movement does.
TMers must be sent to mental health institutes or military mental health institutes to further study the effect of transcendental meditation (psychological weapon)

Think what will come if Modi and his followers succeed.

There will be middle age level education, huge conditioning, mental degradation, no health care, waves of disease will wipe the population of earth, constant war etc.

One of modi's associate, the actual reason why modi is in office is the Girish family, the gnome's (maharishi's) family. This is how the stolen, cheated billions payed back. They thought him to meditate to became famous and supported his campaigns with hundreds of millions of dollars.

How modi will going to pay back to a religious extremist terrorist? Or in reality how he will serve them instead..

will be continuing...

more exact definition element
you have your skin and the skin activated state will be referred to as some others's self presence or skin. The reason for this is because the individual senses as the other is touching or connecting or hitting with his/her self.

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