2015. szeptember 8., kedd


Nature is such a dumb system where by trial and error trying to figure out what is best. It doesn't work on human race anymore.
Human race must be lead forward by the most intelligent individuals, not the most violent or troublesome or religious, who otherwise very successful based on the evolution system nature provided.

Unfortunately it means lots of uncomfortable point comes with this.
How to handle the human race's dna base. How to handle dna based diseases.
How to handle dna based mental incapabilities etc. How to handle the mental illness the human race developed in the past and keep dragging into the 21 century. (These are religion!, under education! poisoning medicines!, violence based solutions!, practically everything underdeveloped! )

I believe these uncomfortable points are one of the reasons why these "highly evolutionary" leaders trying to avoid the subject and playing the inhuman humanitarian role (with their "humanitarian" behavior pushing the human race towards extinction), not caring about the future at all and keeping their nation undereducated and underdeveloped. Lets not exclude that very evolutionary point in this, that this way all possible opponent is pushed off from the equation.

This system must be stopped and the most intelligent people at least when change happens must step forward and reorganize government into such system where there are no opponents but only brightest minds with best solutions. No more party, no more corruption, no more insanity.

United systems are much better, there is only one direction and better and better solutions for specific problems. These automatically creates less costly more effective solutions.

Try to get rid of the party system and make the world unified and work for the education and development of the human race.
(of course not like TM movement terrorist organization... trying to pose with higher education, giving the lowest, trying to pose no religion, giving the strongest religious conditioning evcr, trying to pose with healthy medicines, most of their medicines artificially contaminated with heavy metals, and metals. HAHAHAHAHAA we catch you!)

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