2015. szeptember 10., csütörtök


The undereducated leadership, what does this mean?
I doesnt mean that the number of PHD's decides how educated one can be.
Unfortunately its a much more complex term.

It means how human you are. How straight, simple, honest, intelligent, protective, foreseer and most importantly within this circle how action capable you are.

Want an example? Look at Obama. Everybody loves him. But he is the weakest mind ever recorded in the human history. The undereducated negroid who makes mental illness legal. For example drog, and gay. Both were related to health care and now they are now part of the very unlucky us nation. Practially it will bring further mental degradation and sexual problems to the American nation. Many mothers and fathers will cry because Obama wishes to make mental illness legal... Do you think that he want to take revenge for the negroid slavery back in time? Or should I ask do you think mentally Obama is actually Obama or a so called forced and transformed image only. That he have a commander inside his head that gives hir orders? Wow this sounds so weird.

Anyways lets get back to subject. Through Obama's example you maybe understand better what does it mean to be a true leader. Because he fails it. There are of course many other leaders who does. For example in many country there is a problem with the contaminated water. The leadership of the countries instead of clearing the water they let the nation's DNA base to rot, and let them marching forward extinction as well.
How insane they are.

Education and health care the most important thing humans can have. See which countries leadership cares about it. None of them.

See this is how they destroy you.


Dont you think they ain't giving a damn about it? People, wake up, attack them! Of course not like them you with weapons. But legally. Bring them to justice. Bring them hell of the justice. And publicize it. Dont be afraid of them, they cant kill billions of people.

Not that much.

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