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What is a secondary self?
Secondary self is a coexisting or switching self, that gets activating on skin activation or events that against specific conditioning, or in extreme cases its just simply rules the individual. (Some religious extremist have this as well due to extreme stress and conditioning.)

Quite often is also noted that the victim feels activated in the scruff and living his life entirely as a slave to the powerful self representation (the one which through the transcendental meditation technique forced into (hit into) the individual)

How to detect secondary self?
Through a series of control questions and motor activating response required tests. Also if you happened to meditate at least once in your life its likely that you have some self problem...
Modern EEG does it easily too. Those people who have secondary self they brain does the all famous alpha and theta waver while the victim is awake... (Most terrorist funded research tell that alpha and theta wave activity is great while you awake or in TM state, but in fact its extremely damaging for the mind)

What the secondary self does?
After the secondary self "awakens" in a primitive form in that way that it presents independence from the individual's will it can practically do anything against or "for the victim".
The most violent action types are Killing, violence on all levels, rape, pedophile etc.
The most important one the continuous molesting and bothering others and usually it comes with constant anxiety.

That you understand the importance of this issue. ANY TM MEMBER CAN BE TURNED TO A KILLER  IF THE SECONDARY SELF DOES. (reference : tm member shots and other one hallucinating she is sucking her energies, serious psychological treatment needed for 76 percent of those who transcendental meditation, tm member tries to kill his friend imagining the friends sucks his energies trough strings....  Hallucination caused by TM trainers's hit ("SKIN ACTIVATION BY SENSE OF SELF ACTIVATED INDIVIDUAL SHARING - ATTACKING WITH SELF, MY SELF TAKES IT AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO OPPOSE..., THEN I FIGHT AND SOMETIMES I MANAGE TO PULL IT OFF") experience while feeling very open or self hypnotic state - self referral state)

detail this:The body doesn't have time to actually chemically change that fast to trigger elevated changes and back so this whole self swap would be just a problems with the chemical balance of the brain or the body.

What these people feel who have secondary self?
They talk answer a lot to themselves, they have lots of fear, they have lots of pain, and they usually trying to keep it secret from the people. The secondary self often takes over, takes control. Loss of memory of the doings but no loss of reality. Serious sleeping problems, no dreaming or minimal in sleep. Extreme amount of daydreaming. Constant anxiety, fear.

All secondary self initiated action is violence based that means the secondary self employs violence to achieve the Guru's commands or religious views. On lower levies it means skin activation to feel spaced out, fear or other things. (for example skin activation on stomach makes the victim feel fear, or push in, and this way the secondary self controls the victims life.) In extremes it can terminate the victims life by causing extreme mental disaster by motion sense, push sense, and pain sense reverse activated, even direct muscle control is possible. If the individual doesn't die in it then the symptoms are usually increased until the victims dies.

Extremely important to understand this and immediately detain and put to into mental hospitals TM trainers and long term mediators or above (raja, guru etc). Nationwide warning required or major spread of special type of mental illness possible.

Important people who have been in contact with the TM technique:
Terrorist John Hagelin
Terrorist Girish Varma (in 15 years he raped over 200 girls in india and other countries. )
Terrorist  Bevan Morris
Victim David Lynch
Victim Russel Brand
Victim Arnold Schwarzenegger
Victim Sofia Vergara
Generals of US, India,Mozambique army
Nuclear weapon handlers of us army at NORAD and so on and so on.

Its extremely dangerous to employ anybody with tm technique to any part of the government.

refer to terrorism as "when, for religious or other reasons TM movement and its members doing harm to the country, population, military etc"

They are forcing people to hindu religion, making them secondary self, selling them poisoning ayurvedic medicines, causing them mental illness, and trying to control the education, health care, military, science...

Endless repetition to the society, thats the way the slowly transform the world to mental madness and mental slavery.

These all become major threats, these points must be taken care by society, police, nation protecting services, and military.

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