2015. szeptember 13., vasárnap


Whats is the hit?
The hit is a form of skin activation when you will be feeling a hit on your skin without actually having a direct contact to other people or objects.

How do I get a hit?
If you want to get hit like those hundreds of millions of insanes who living their life every day like squeezed lemons, just learn transcendental meditation, deeksha, theta healing, or any religion or lastly get drogged by marijuana, cocaine or designair drog.

Why people are hitting each other?
Originally they font want to hit each other but because of mental terrorism like tm movement (hindu religious extremist movement) are using this technology to kill nations mentally, and later completely push them to slavery. From the regular hits the major degradation is automatic.
Everybody will be full of tension, or overwhelmed in anything including "peace". The skin sensed possible 100 times more powerful than in normal human beings in any direction (softness or supercharged) They will become very impulsive or extremely dull. If they happen to witness a murder they might not even respond.

Why politicians all are hit?
Now rather say first, why they are not being treated by psychologist instead of letting them control the country in mentally dangerous states.
They are hit because often they take control, they get into office by this type violence which is so natural for them. They are usually weird people. They have received education but because of the hit they cant use a fraction of it. So practically they extremely dumb.

Dumbness, just see why all politicians are working so hard against their own country and other nations. Almost all actions of theirs creating threat for their nation and for other nations.

Again, politicians must be very cever and healthy people. They must not be hit, and they must work on increasing the level of eduction and health in the country they live in, they serve (serve?)
Politicians must undergo every day a psychological test, that validates their working capabality and mental balance.

If this doesn't get solved quickly we all going to die in impossible views (hit in) creates war and terror. And those who call these war and terror "home" they will laugh on us and slaughter and enslaves us again and again.

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